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Time Tracking & Data Capture

Accuracy & Simplicity


Capture labor and process information from employees while they work with non-disruptive, easy-to-use data capture technologies. Tractivity provides technologies appropriate for the shop, field and office. These optimized data capture methods are intuitive and easy enough to accommodate employees of any skill level resulting in accurate labor and process data capture.  

Method & Technologies

At Tractivity we have designed easy to use data capture applications that run on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Employees love our applications because they are both convenient and simple. We can collect information in the office, shop, or out in the field. They simply log in and select the job and activity that they will begin. Each entry is time-stamped and syncs with the TracManager system.

PCTRAC is a Windows program specifically designed for employees who work on their computer for most of the day. With a few clicks employees charge their time to specified jobs and activities as they work.

We make it easy for employees to capture detailed information with our simple to use, centrally located application. TOUCHTRAC syncs with the TracManager database,  so you can access real-time information for events occurring within your business.

Employees can select jobs and labor activities as well as other detailed information such as: notes, materials used, parts made, quantity completed, quantity shipped, quantity scrapped, and ETC. Employees can also access related documents and view time-sheets and hour summaries.

The ITRAC application turns smart phones and tablets into accurate time capture devices, giving your employees freedom and mobility. ITRAC captures real-time data for employee, job, phase, labor activity, material, and note entries.