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Time & Payroll

TracManager Time & Payroll Module is the foundation for the entire TracManager system. This module manages customers, jobs, employees, timesheets, HR, payroll rules, and data capture methods. User specific preferences and configurations provide the flexibility needed to fit the way you do business.

Job Cost & Analysis

TracManager Job Cost & Analysis Module gives you access to the information you need when you need it most. Users can quickly and easily access  budget, progress, labor, materials charged and purchase orders for any job. Powerful report choices provide tools to identify the factors behind the costs.


TracManager Materials Module provides a complete material management system including inventory, MRP, purchasing and receiving. This module automates the most tedious aspects of purchasing and material management, saving you time and avoiding double-entry.


TracManager Estimating Module provides the ability to create highly-custom job estimates using drag-n-drop products with custom feature and option choices. Optionally, users can create a custom catalog or synchronize the Cabinet Vision catalog with TracManager. Product options support both pricing and cost evaluations to assure desired profitability.


TracManager Scheduling Module automates work assignments for all qualified employees based on skills, availability, routing, equipment, and job due to dates for all jobs through their completion. Individual work assignments may be obtained from shop data capture stations or assigned by the shop supervisor using the generated schedule. Actual work automatically updates the schedule, eliminating the need for manual manipulation.

W.I.P. to Ship

TracManager W.I.P. to Ship Module provides tracking of shippable products through every stage of production and delivery. Stages are customized to fit your requirements. Products may be moved to the next stage using the TracManager program or from the Tractivity iTrac Android application from any location. This module may be used to create the certified AIA progress billing report

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