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CAD Software Integration

Easy and time saving


Tractivity integrates with Cabinet Vision with the ability to pull the entire material library, product catalogs and related schedules. Tractivity sends order directly to Cabinet Vision for S2M processing. Additionally, for configurations that utilize the Cabinet Vision Bid Center. Send labor and material requirements from Cabinet Vision to Tractivity using a built-in Tractivity button within the Cabinet Vision program.


Tractivity provides the integration links to open Cabinet Vision release 8, 9 or 10 material libraries and import into Tractivity database. The import includes the categories and supplies where available. An alias is maintained allowing Tractivity to use a different material part number outside of Cabinet Vision if desired.

Tractivity can import all Cabinet Vision product catalogs and associated material schedules. Features and options are automatically created along with formulas that may be used to calculate price changes based upon feature/schedule choices. The imported catalog may then be exported out into spreadsheets where final edits may be made for pricing and configurations.

When Cabinet Vision is integrated with Tractivity a “Post to TracManager” button appears on the Cabinet Vision Reports Tab. The Cabinet Vision job labor, materials, cabinet list and optimized parts (if using S2M) may be exported by clicking the button. 

Create an estimate using Tractivity, convert to an order and send to Cabinet Vision.

Tractivity provides a menu item that can update Cabinet Vision material costs with current Tractivity material costs. This is a time saver especially if you are using the Cabinet Vision Bid Center to create your bids.

Tractivity captures the original Cabinet Vision nomenclature when materials are imported from Cabinet Vision. In the event you wish to make changes to the material names, Tractivity is able to modify the Cabinet Vision material name to match Tractivity’s name.


Automate the job flow from cabinet Vision into the rest of the company and eliminate manual entries and material cost updating. Eliminate Cabinet Vision order entry by creating the order in Tractivity and sending it directly to Cabinet Vision.