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Who we are

For nearly twenty years we have been the industry leader and pioneer of management software for custom woodworkers and cabinetmakers.  We have successfully helped thousands of people save time and money, not only by providing tools to simplify their business processes, but also by sharing our knowledge of best practices when it comes to integrating your systems.  Rather than trying to be a partial solution to multiple markets, Tractivity has narrowed its focus to be the best answer for the specific needs of the modern woodworking business. 


What we do

Tractivity radically simplifies and automates the capture, billing, and reporting of time-based project and job processes, allowing you to be more competitive, make better informed decisions, and work more productively.  With Tractivity you can expect more.  You will experience outstanding support from implementation through ongoing daily use, and you will have a solution that grows with your business.


How we do it

Tractivity is a Modular ERP system, but what does that mean? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning – essentially it is a system of integrated applications designed to manage your business and automate many back-office functions.  By having these integrated systems broken down into modules, Tractivity provides a software package attuned to your specific needs.

“Just as you strive to bring the highest quality product to your customer, Tractivity strives to provide the best business solution to you. “


What our clients have to say about us

“Tractivity is easy to implement.”

Colby Wilkins, RC Smith

“The support offered has far exceeded our expectations. We have already experienced major benefits both monetarily and organizationally.”

Eric, Landcaster Co.

“The reports are extremely helpful in managing our overtime and I can also import the information into a Word document that I send to our payroll company.”

Fiona Dyson, Architectural Outfitters, LLC

“With TracManager, I can easily compare vendors with the same product and get the best price.”

Troy Bednaz, Lakeside Cabinets and Woodworking

“Changing over to Tractivity has been a smooth process. I would certainly recommend Tractivity, whether just for tracking payroll or tracking on a larger scale for budget and productivity.

Lisa Woodham, Woodham Cabinet Shop

Our employees were inconsistent with their hours. Now, I can get a more accurate account of employee activity.

Fiona Dyson, Architectural Outfitters, LLC

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